Alastair Flindall is a Sheffield-based Community Visual Communications Artist, who blends a decade of diverse creative roles—including Events Producer and Art & Photography Teacher—to propel his artistic journey.

He collaborates with social enterprises, crafting top-tier visual projects from murals and illustration to exhibition, site specific and graphic design. His work combines analogue and digital techniques, infused with nostalgia, collage, humour, typography, and texture. 

Inspired by unveiling stories in marginalized areas, making culture accessible to all he employs Augmented Reality and interactive design for engaging audience experiences.
Alastair leads inclusive arts ventures in partnership with Arts Council England, National Portfolio Organisations, and National Lottery-funded projects. These initiatives often involve co-creation workshops that nurture creativity and self-belief.

Alastair is currently rebranding with Shoreditch Design Studio, adopting the new name ‘Neck of the Woods Studio’.
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