Cloud Soft Products, manufacturer and distributor of bamboo toilet roll and other sustainable products.
The objective was to promote their softest toilet roll yet with promotion of 25% off the next order. 
Collaborating with copywriter Frances Walton we aimed to increase visits to website and increase orders.
The target audience was household buyer, male/female, environmentally conscious/curious.​​​​​​​
I designed a vintage modern brand identity to appeal to both old and young.
Our approach was to highlight the offer in the bold text under the animated video.
The animation assists the visualisation of the clouds and from the growing bamboo appears the tag line “Growing into our tomorrows”
The strategy – keeping the visual and the copy closely aligned, the saving and call to action is clear below the video. The ad is being placed in December 2020 when people are looking to the future, never more so than at this time. The lead part of the ad taps into that future-gazing perspective and encourages people to switch. When reading more, the benefits of the product and tag line are included.
Creating a distinctive look with the logo in the top centre. The offer is highlighted, and the different purchasing options are clear. The text from the ad is aligned to the landing page, the tag line is included in both as are keywords such as ‘renewing’ and ‘revolution’.
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