Wanting to get wider coverage of my work whilst venturing into business with two of the best men I know, alongside Ben Ward and James Moor we have created Elephant Arch Records (EAR).
"Let’s address the elephant in the room: Who are we and what are we doing here? Well, in a nutshell, Elephant Arch Records is a Sheffield-based independent record label. But we’re a lot bigger than that. Started by three friends unified by an eclectic taste in music, we’ve got professional expertise across music manufacturing, digital marketing, and design. Our plan is to cram it altogether and build an almighty, music-centred community. Want to come along with us?
Too heavy to float and too stubborn to sink, we’re here for the outliers. We don’t dwell on the past or get dazzled by the future. We don’t rate London-centrism and we’re not keen on unoriginality. You wouldn’t miss us in a crowd, let’s put it that way. With a trunk like ours, we can sniff out the quality that falls between the cracks. We are Elephant Arch Records. Welcome to our label."
As Co-Founder/Brand Identity Lead I will be continuing to drive the design & branding focus throughout all our projects. 
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