Another Sheffield Lover's wet dream.
England's 5th largest city is more like the largest town. Friendlier than folk and nowt better than thy neighbour, it's a proud place true to its heritage. If you've never heard of Henderson's Relish, you've never lived, it is a staple part of any Yorkhshirite's diet. It's great splashed on everything, especially pie 'n' chips! As well as being famed for this orange and black drop of heaven, Sheffield has a strong sporting history, with boxing coach legend, Brendan Ingle churning out n total he has trained four world champions, six European, 15 British, and six Commonwealth champions. We may be Britain's friendliest, but it doesn't mean we ain't got grit!
What's even better about Hendo's is that it's vegan! (Worcestershire sauce ain't!)

Fuck you, Lea & Perrins.
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